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Californian Sushi

In the last decade, sushi has become one of the most popular meals across the globe. There is a craze about sushi which is literally on passion. People pay large sums of money just to have this dish. In America, sushi's popularity is as bad as burgers now. All the communities are craving for the dish. It is authentically a Japanese dish but America has found its own varieties of sushi. Ten years back finding sushi in one American restaurant was difficult and now sushi houses are opening everywhere.

Compared to burgers and all the unhealthy fast food that is available sushi is a healthy form of meal and is filling too. The more calorie conscious people always go for sushi as there is a higher dose of protein and other nutrients added to their diet and it is very tasty too. In fact mouth lingering is the word for it. Earlier sushi was very expensive and going out to have Japanese food would be synonymous to having sushi. And that could have actually burnt a hole in your pocket till a few years back. In last few years, there are a lot cheaper versions of original sushi available and at a much affordable cost. Moreover sushi can be easily prepared at home.

There is nothing so great about sushi that it can't be cooked at home. Expense could not stop them from laying their hands on that one exotic dish and they can actually save money by eating it at home. They do not let go off the lavish ingredients, they use wild Alaska crab meat instead of fake crab meat! This website talks in general about the American style sushi, including some restaurants that you can visit.

There are a few affordable ingredients that can be bought:

  • Sushi Mat - wooden
  • Sushi rice
  • Vinegar for rice
  • Seaweed called Nori
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber

For sushi rolls they will need extra wasabi and soy sauce. Grocery stores are never short of these items so they can be easily found. The sushi rice must be soaked for half an hour before it is cooked. When soaked they should add rice vinegar about a tablespoon of it usually and make sure after the rice is cooked and cooled down it is stirred a bit so that the grains don't stick to one another.

After the rice has been cooled down, the sliced carrots and cucumbers and also the avocado must be cut into thin strips so that it is easy to roll them up. On the sheet of Nori, spread a spoonful of cooled rice and cover it with a layer of rice. It should not be very thick but rather a thin layer and then put Nori and rice together on the sushi mat. Then put some vegetables along with the Alaska crab and then carefully roll it up with sushi mats.

When you want to cut the rolls into pieces make sure you have wet the knife enough so that it doesn't stick to the rice and spoil it which will prevent the rolls from tearing. Now these are not expensive and yet a delicious way of having sushi at home. There is a history behind how sushi was popularized in America which this website covers in depth.